TransformCredit : About Us

About Us


We believe all trustworthy people deserve fair and honest credit - so we built a lender based on good old fashioned trust. Transform Credit is essentially the company we would want to borrow from ourselves.

Why are we here

For many of us, borrowing money is a part of life. You'll borrow for a wedding, a new business, home improvements, financing a new car or even something as simple as a new mobile phone. Most people can shop around and get to choose between different banks, who all offer fair and transparent products - and this is a great thing.

However, for some people, those options just aren't available. This is usually because something went wrong for them in the past, or because there's something "unusual" about their financial circumstances. Problems happen to all of us, and we don't believe people should keep paying the highest price for past bumps on the road.

We believe that all trustworthy people deserve fair and honest credit - and we're here to make sure that happens.

Solving a problem for real people

Transform Credit customers come in many different shapes and sizes. What brings all of our customers together though is that they are trusted by their friends and family.

We believe everyone falls into one of these 4 boxes:

If you're in box A you can borrow from a bank and you will repay your loan. You don't need Transform Credit, you'll probably think we're expensive.
If you're in box B you can borrow from a bank, but we don't think you should be able to. Your friends don't think you will repay the money - and they're probably right. Box B is the reason the credit crunch happened.
If you're in box C then Transform Credit is for you. You have been let down by the current system and we're here to help you.
If you're in box D you can't borrow from a bank or from us, in fact you shouldn't borrow from anyone right now - your friends are telling you something, they know you best and borrowing is almost definitely not a good idea for you at the moment.

"How" is just as important as "what"

We don't just want to build a loan company - we want to build a great company. Anyone can lend someone money, but doing it the right way is more challenging. So, to make sure that we stay on track we made 10 promises that we believe will help us build a company our customers love.